Thursday, January 11, 2018

Excursion à Loblaws- paper copy form coming home

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Healthy Food Trip to Loblaws
January 11, 2018
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s);

This coming Wednesday January 17th, 2018, our class will have the opportunity to attend
a nutrition session at the Loblaws in the Centrum Mall. Our class will be attending a 1 hour session
during second block from 10:35- 11:55. We will be travelling to and from Centrum Mall by school bus
and come back to have lunch. During our session, we will be learning how to make good nutritious food
choices and how to properly read food labels on the various foods in the store. This learning opportunity
fits perfectly with our school focus on ‘Sleep Better, Eat Better and Move Better’! We will require
2 parent volunteers for our visit. We will leave the school at 10:35 a.m. and return to the school by 11:55.

Please sign the form below to allow your child to accompany us on our nutrition visit.

Mme. Kristina Giannetti


Healthy Food Trip to Loblaws - Parent/Guardian Permission Form

It is important that this form be completed and returned to the school by the morning of Monday January 15th.
I give permission for my son/daughter ____________________________________, to take part in the Grade 4 Health Trip to Loblaws at Centrum Mall.

_______________________________                  ____________________________________________
Date                                                                                         Parent/Guardian Signature

I _____________________ am able to volunteer for this trip and take the bus to Centrum with the class.

Name:______________________  Phone Number:_______________________________

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