Friday, May 4, 2018

Kids Connection Haiti/Singing Rooster

Nous sommes très fiers de tous les 4e années! Vous avez essayé vraiment fort de faire une diffé vous avez réussi! :)

We are so proud of all of the hard work and commitment the grade 4s and their families/friends have shown towards our Kids Connection HaitiéSinging Rooster coffee initiative. You have all made a difference. Details to come soon regarding coffee order arrival (within the next couple weeks).
We have raised a grand total of : $6,180.  

Our class alone raised $1,755. Incroyable!

Here is an email we got to show you some of the impact we have made as a community on the people of Haiti.

''I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Stevenson Louisma.  The funds you have generously raised will provide him with more than a year of high school education as well as money for food and public transportation to and from school. 

Stevenson lives in an area of Port-Au-Prince called Cite des Cays.  He is 22 years old.  He lost both of his parents in the earthquake of 2010 and had to live in a tent for many months because his house was destroyed.  He now lives in a rented room and attends l’Institution Mixte Polyvalente de Vilaire.  After high school, he plans to study civil engineering at a university in Haiti. 

Your generosity will change his life. I look forward to sharing his progress and accomplishments with you all as he works towards his dream! ''

Voici des photos des élèves en Haiti qui ont signé un tshirt de St. Gabriel :)

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